Nu:ionic Technologies on Leading the Hydrogen Revolution

Fredericton’s Nu:ionic Technologies has developed innovative gas conversion technology using the power of microwave energy. The company’s patent-pending Microwave Catalytic Reformer eliminates the need for combustion, replacing that process with clean electricity.

Nu:ionic launched in 2016 with founders Jan Boshoff, Jim Tranquilla, and Greg Caswell seeking to leverage their combined wealth of experience in the energy sector to help curb emissions. They began by collaborating with a University of New Brunswick (UNB) professor on bench-scale testing. In December 2019, the company closed on investment from ACOA and Toronto-based Valent Low Carbon Technologies, and by the end of 2020 had developed and built a pilot unit demonstrating its novel technology. A Series A funding round enabled Nu:ionic to next scale the technology for commercial use in fall 2022.

“It all started with three guys from different parts of the world collaborating around a common goal – using industrial microwave technology as a platform for lowering the world’s emissions,” says Boshoff, Nu:ionic’s CEO. “Fortunately, Jim’s significant experience combined with talent from UNB demonstrated the wealth of microwave technology expertise in Fredericton. In a few short years, we’ve managed to go from initial lab work at UNB to being ready for commercialization. ”

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