Microwave Catalytic

Reforming done right for small scale

Nu:ionic’s microwave technology is reforming done right for the distributed scale deployment required to jump-start the hydrogen economy, yet scales well to industrial applications.

By utilizing electricity to power the reforming reaction, our highly efficient microwave reformer eliminates the need for fuel combustion, significantly reducing the amount of feedstock required to produce hydrogen and significantly reducing emissions.

30x Smaller


30x Smaller than an SMR

By eliminating the fired heater and changing the reactor design, our reactors are significantly more compact than existing steam methane reformers. Furthermore, there is no air handling equipment, stack or post-combustion CO2 capture equipment, significantly simplifying the flowsheet.

Using electrons to eliminate emissions

Nu:ionic’s reforming technology eliminates the emissions and process complexity of fired heating, replacing it with highly efficient targeted heating utilizing industrial microwave. 

For steam methane reforming (SMR), this reduces the natural gas feedstock requirement by 25-30%.

Furthermore, using electricity in our low temperature reactor reduces capital cost and allows 100% CO2 capture using commercially available technologies. 

No combustion means zero emissions from our reactor. This means it can be incorporated into existing plants without increasing air emissions.

Sensible integration

Nu:ionic has solved key challenges associated with utilizing microwave energy in gas conversion processes.  Our design offers highly efficient energy coupling in reactors operating at relevant temperatures and pressure, with reliable and predictable process control.

The microwave generator and other electrical equipment are housed in an enclosed electrical area. Reaction energy is transported via a waveguide. Microwave energy containment is ensured with monitoring equipment, and microwave maintenance is performed without affecting the process area.

Microwave energy allows precise, immediate and highly targeted heating, allowing energy to be provided exactly where it is needed – directly to the catalyst where the reaction is taking place.  This results in higher efficiency and significantly reduces the amount of equipment needed for the process, thus creating a compact footprint.

Nu:ionic makes use of off-the-shelf industrial microwave components for efficient and reliable microwave generation.


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