Electrification of

Gas Reforming

Reforming done right at distributed scale

Nu:ionic’s electrified steam methane reforming technology is reforming done right for distributed scale and can be readily scaled to industrial size applications.

By utilizing electricity to power the reforming reaction, our highly efficient electrified reformers eliminate the need for fuel combustion, significantly reducing the amount of feedstock required to produce hydrogen while removing harmful combustion emissions such as NOx, SOx and particulate matter (soot).

Up to 30x Smaller


Up to 30x Smaller than a conventional SMR

Electrification allows for a highly compact and modular zero-emission equipment design. By eliminating the fired heater and fundamentally changing the reformer design, our electrified reformers are a fraction of the size of conventional steam methane reformers (SMRs) at similar capacities.

Smaller equipment and a simplified flowsheet translate to lower investment. This approach eliminates:

  • No air handling equipment
  • No stack or economizer
  • No post-combustion CO2 capture equipment

Using electrons to eliminate emissions

Nu:ionic’s reforming technology eliminates the emissions and process complexity of fired heating, replacing it with highly efficient targeted heating utilizing electricity. 

For steam methane reforming (SMR), this reduces the natural gas or biogas feedstock requirement by up to 40%.

Furthermore, using electricity in our reformer reduces capital cost and allows 100% CO2 capture using commercially available technologies. 

No combustion means zero emissions from our reformer. This can be incorporated into existing plants to reduce overall emissions.


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