H2 View Introduces

Nu:ionic Technologies is looking to shake up hydrogen production by using microwave technology to improve the efficiency of gas reforming. 

With sites in New Brunswick Canada, and Oklahoma, US, the start-up plans to deliver a distributed hydrogen production solution that integrates the use of renewable energy and gases.

Speaking to H2 View, CEO Jan Boshoff claims the company’s microwave catalyst reforming (MCR™) technology is the “most efficient” way of converting energy into hydrogen. 

Designed to use renewable electricity to power the reforming of gas feedstocks such as methane and biogas, Nu:ionic’s MCR technology is being slated as a solution for distributed-scale low-carbon hydrogen production. 

The start-up intends to deploy two demonstration units following a continuous 48-hour demonstration run of its 100kW unit in March (2024), which Boshoff said put the firm….

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